Pre 2011

Pre 2011

Our background

and experience before we started


In 2003 Lennart graduated as a master of Arts in Sound and Music Production from the Utrecht School of Arts. 5 years earlier, in 1998, Alan started to work at studio Alfred Klaassen; a renowned and legendary audio-post studio in the epicentre of the Dutch advertisement industry.

For years we both worked on numerous campaigns for (inter)national brands, agencies and clients. We also had a few modest ADR recording roles on international film projects like Anton Corbijn’s the American and Hobo with a shotgun starring Rutger Hauer.

Working on film lit a spark. In 2011 we sailed away from our safe haven. We founded KlevR (a far fetched combination of our surnames KLEinen and Van Ramshorst) and built our own place in Amsterdam Noord; a single, modular studio on the 3rd floor of a creative office building. Sandwiched between a set-dresser with an industrial sewing machine and a Djembe teacher.

Starting from scratch we worked our way up. Switching between documentaries, films and commercial work. In 2016 we moved to our current place, having tripled our workspaces and this time without any noisy neighbours to interfere with our mixing…