Nederlands Openlucht Museum / Anton de Kom

Kinkorn, Nederlands Openlucht Museum

sound for various installations


This year, the Dutch Open Air Museum is showcasing the exhibition “Anton de Kom – writer, fighter, pioneer”. Anton de Kom (1898 – 1945), born in Suriname, was an anti-colonial thinker, writer, poet, human rights activist, and resistance fighter.

Since 2020, there has been a window dedicated to Anton de Kom in the Canon of the Netherlands. In this co-creation with Surinamese artist Ken Doorson, we present Anton de Kom and his ideology to a wide audience. The exhibition covers various themes, and the specially created artwork ‘Papa de Kom’ is part of it. With this, we demonstrate that De Kom’s struggle remains relevant today.

KlevR casted, recorded and produced the audio stories accompanying this exhibition in Dutch, English and Sranan Tongo + designed soundscapes for various installations.