Cruquius Museum / Audio Stories and Sound Design

studio Louter. Museum Cruquius, Shosho

audio stories & sound design, multiple installations


Bits of You

The Cruquius Museum tells the story of how the Netherlands drained its biggest inland lake, the Haarlemmermeer, in the nineteenth century. Three steam-powered pumping stations accomplished this enormous task. One of them houses a museum today.

Inside, you can still see the pumps and steam engine that drained the lake. Interactives and animations provide background. They explain the building’s rich history and the complex process of the production of steam power in an accessible way.

A large wall projection serves as the museum’s focal point. A mix of contemporary film footage and archival material transports visitors around the old lake and the modern polder. We drove down endless roads to visually capture the area’s vast size. The film charts the most important moments in the history of the polder – from the king’s brave decision to tame the water using a revolutionary new technology to the world news when the huge lake had been drained dry.